What's it Like Being a Dog?

Published: 20th July 2009
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They can't argue with their owner except by refusing to carry out his commands or, in worse cases, biting the person they disagree with. They can't speak so the vet can only examine a dog and give an opinion as to their state of health. A trainer may or may not understand a dog and for brief moments give him supreme happiness or dejected hopelessness. Yet with all the troubles in the world a dog is always ready to give unbounding love and affection to those he belongs to. A dog can usually read the mind and moods of its owner, yet a dog's simplest wants are often misunderstood by humans.

A dog is always interested in things like smells, which human beings seem to totally disregard, and if a certain smell particularly interests a dog and he doesn't hear his owner calling, the dog will usually have a cross owner.

Dogs are often left behind suddenly in a strange boarding kennel with people they may not know or like and a multitude of other dogs who are also bewildered because their owners seem to have abandoned them. Some owners don't understand the dread a dog has of feeling deserted and left with strangers.

Maybe the dog is encouraged to defend the home; yet if he defends it too well and bites that evil-looking man in a black hat who comes up the drive, he gets punished for biting and probably shut up somewhere. How does he know which people need biting and which people just need frightening?

The mind of a dog is really very simple to understand. All it wants is to have someone to love and respect, to be given a reasonable amount of fun, to be useful to its owner and to have a comfortable home. Oftentimes a dog's mind wanders and it is not easily controlled by the owner. On the whole, the life of the dog and owner have to be in tune to get perfection out of the partnership. Both must respect each other's likes and dislikes, and a deep understanding must exist between them.

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